Their independence, my peace of mind

Sofihub is a home assistant and carer notification system for seniors and people with disabilities.

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Sofi beacon is a lightweight convenient mobile personal alert system.

  • SOS call button
  • Nationwide connectivity
  • Speaker phone
  • Up to five emergency contacts
  • Water resistant
  • GPS location

Passive Monitoring and Intelligent Messaging

Sofihub plays custom messages to remind you of important things. It plays the message when you are there to hear it.

  • Every day at 8:00pm

    Hello Mary! It’s 8 o’clock, now would be a good time to take your medications.

    Reminds you of your medications if you forget to access them.

  • Every Tuesday between 6pm—8pm

    It's rubbish day tomorrow, don't forget to take the bins out.

    Occupancy-based reminders play messages when you are near the hub.

  • Every year on 14 October at 9am

    Hi Mary, don't forget Hannah's birthday is today!

    Useful, friendly reminders that also help reduce loneliness.

Using wireless sensors, Sofihub provides insights on daily routines and will notify when an expected activity doesn’t occur.

  • Text message

    10:15am today


    Mary Anderson hasn’t left the bedroom yet this morning.

    Get text notifications if they are late to wake up, late to bed or are in the bathroom too long.

  • Friday 25 May 2018


    8min 30sec

    23:12 — 23:21


    16min 51sec

    22:55 — 23:12

    Keep up-to-date with activity in the house.

Latest News

Research about Sofihub

Deakin Research Paper

Deakin University research finds Sofihub reduces loneliness of seniors.

Deakin University Industry Report:
“Smart Homes, Loneliness and Aged Care”

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Using independent trials run with Deakin University together with residents from the City of Greater Geelong.

We listened to Seniors and designed Sofihub so that it would complement their lives without asking them to change.

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